MED INSIGHTS is an information website operated by Medical Affairs Company of CMIC INIZIO Co., Ltd.
 Our Medical Affairs Company offers comprehensive services for Medical Affairs departments in pharmaceutical companies, focusing on various consultations about organizational and medical strategic planning, along with training sessions specialized in Medical Affairs and e-learning programs of MA Academy, support programs for patients, coaching services by field scientists, and detachment of medical science liaisons (MSLs).
 While other websites already exist that provide information on Medical Affairs in pharmaceutical companies, their contents may be provided by specific companies or limited to basic things. There are few reliable websites that are useful to understand the purposes and roles of Medical Affairs in the whole industry.
 We started MED INSIGHTS as a source of information for your daily activities related to Medical Affairs. This website will deliver information from diverse perspectives, including actual current issues in Medical Affairs and their solutions, based on the substantial experience we obtained from our extensive activities.
 MED INSIGHTS is intended for a wide range of users, including employees of pharmaceutical and medical device companies, healthcare providers and patients in clinical practice, college and graduate students who want to work in Medical Affairs in the near future, media personnel, and officials of government ministries and agencies.
 We would appreciate if you would use this website as a tool to understand what roles Medical Affairs plays in pharmaceutical companies.
Hiroyuki Tanaka,
Vice president and the head of Medical Affairs Company